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Stricter sustainability policy and new sub fund name for SEB High Yield umbrella

Now that all our funds have the same ambition, we are removing the word "sustainable" from the fund names. SEB High Yield - SEB Sustainable High Yield Fund will be renamed SEB High Yield - SEB Global High Yield Fund as of 30 July 2021. The name of the other sub fund in the umbrella, SEB High Yield ­- SEB European High Yield Fund, remains unchanged. 

SEB Investment Management AB adopted a new sustainability policy in December 2020 and clarified our position on climate change, including our goal for a carbon-neutral investment portfolio by 2040. This applies to all our funds, not solely our sustainable funds. We started implementing our new sustainability policy In March 2021. 

Additional changes

Investment objective for both sub funds: changes in the prospectus to increase clarity and transparency:

  • We removed the sentence, “The securities are listed on an exchange or are traded on a regulated
    market or on another market in Europe, the United States of America, Canada or Australia.”
  • We added the different ratings for the securities in which the sub funds invest.

Updated wording on swing pricing to make it more transparent

Investment objective for SEB High Yield - SEB Global High Yield Fund:

  • Clarified the performance fee section regarding the hurdle value
  • The investment objective is now better outlined with a focus on non-investment grade bonds

Investment objective for SEB High Yield - SEB European High Yield Fund:

  • The amount of assets invested in European investment grade bonds is clarified from, “to some extent,” to 10% of the assets.
  • Global non-investment grade bonds are added to the investment universe and are included at the same limit of 10%.
  • Details about the sub fund's benchmark are now included.

SEB High Yield - SEB Global High Yield Fund: classes and ISIN codes
C (EUR), LU0456547701
C (H-NOK), LU0428578230
C (H-SEK), LU0413134395
D (EUR), LU0120526693
D (H-SEK), LU1327394042
HNWD (H-SEK), LU0977256832
IC (EUR), LU2086633489
ID (EUR), LU2086634370
UC (EUR), LU1791749010
UC (H-SEK), LU1895565197
ZC (EUR), LU1732231458
ZD (EUR), LU1732231532

SEB High Yield - SEB European High Yield Fund: classes and ISIN codes
C (EUR), LU0977257210
C (H-NOK), LU0977257723
C (H-SEK), LU0977257640
D (EUR), LU0977257301
D (H-SEK), LU1084480679
HNWC (EUR), LU1084480596
HNWC (H-NOK), LU1084481305
HNWC (H-SEK), LU1084480752
HNWD (H-SEK), LU1084480919
IC (EUR), LU0977257483
IC (H-SEK), LU1084481131
ZC (EUR), LU1732230997
ZD (EUR), LU1732231292

Further information regarding our new sustainability policy
All our funds have the same high level of ambition regarding: 

  • Integrated sustainability analysis: sustainability is an important part of all our investment decisions and investment processes. An important task is to identify companies that have started or are facing change and that are taking strategic and financial measures to be able to remain competitive in the transition to a more sustainable economy. 
  • Exclusion: we exclude companies that violate human rights, contribute to serious environmental damage or are active in industries or in areas of activity that have major challenges regarding sustainability, such as fossil fuels, tobacco and commercial gaming. 
  • Active ownership: as owners and investors, we have a responsibility and an opportunity to drive development and influence companies in their sustainability work. 

Updated product documentation is available on www.sebgroup.lu and from our registered office as of
implementation of the changes.  

Past performance does not guarantee future performance. The value of investment funds and other financial instruments may rise as well as fall and there is no guarantee you will
recover your original investment. Key investor information documents and prospectuses are available on www.sebgroup.lu/funds.