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Cut-off times for payments

A Payment Order must be received by the Bank before the relevant Cut-off Time in order for the Bank to start the execution of the order on that day (or the next business day depending on the currency).

A Payment Order received after the relevant Cut-off Time shall be deemed received by the Bank on the following Business Day.

A Payment Order initiated by paper shall be deemed received by the Bank the following business day even when received before the relevant Cut-off Time. If such an order is received after Cut-off Time it will be deemed received by the Bank two (2) business days later.

Currency Payment order on execution date, before
BGN 10:30
CAD 16:00
CHF 14:00
CZK 10:30
CNY 08:30
DKK 15:00
EUR 16:30
GPB 17:00
HKD 08:00
HRK 10:30
HUF 13:00
ILS 09:30
ISK 10:30
MXN 14:30
NOK 15:00
PLN 13:30
RON 10:30
RSD 09:30
SEK 16:00
TRY 08:30
USD 16:30
ZAR 10:30


Currency Payment order on the day before execution date, before
AED 13:00
AUD 16:00
JPY 16:00
NZD 16:00
SAR 13:00
SGD 11:30

16:00 *Order placed two days before execution date

All indicated Cut-off Times are expressed in Central European Time (CET)
Cut-offs may be subject to change without prior notification.

Please note that the Bank will be closed for business on the following days:
24 December (Christmas Eve)
31 December (New Years Eve)
Good Friday