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First reimbursement to investors in SEB Fund 1 – SEB Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund

Investors in SEB Fund 1 – SEB Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund will be sent a reimbursement payment that is in relation to the value of their investment at the time of liquidation.

 A first reimbursement payment is planned for 2 July 2019. Payments may take a few days to reach investors’ bank accounts. 

The next and what is expected to be the final reimbursement payment is planned for mid-July. We will provide information regarding the next payment when it is available.

The sub fund is a feeder fund whose portfolio has been primarily invested in the master fund, Gramercy Corporate Emerging Market Debt Fund which implemented compulsory redemption of all its shares. This led to the suspension and liquidation of the sub fund. Trading was suspended for the sub fund SEB Fund 1 – SEB Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund  on 4 June 2019 and it was put into liquidation.

Read the article published 5 of June

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