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SEB SICAV 2 – SEB Listed Private Equity changes 2021 and 2022

We plan to make changes in the sub fund SEB Listed Private Equity. The changes described here will not have any foreseeable impact on your investment. You are not required to act due to these changes, but you should be familiar with them.


Summary of changes as of 15 April 2021
If you do not wish to remain invested in the sub fund, you may redeem your shares free of charge by cut-off time 14 April 2021. Note that redemption can result in taxation. Kindly consult your financial advisor.

  • Change in trading cycle. Net asset value (NAV) for orders placed before the cut off time on a banking day will be based on the NAV for the close of that business day and then calculated the following banking day. This will align the trading cycle for this sub fund with our other sub funds.
  • Defining the term “Companies with a private equity angle”: To achieve greater transparency, we have included wording in the sub fund’s prospectus that outlines our definition of the fund’s target investments.
  • Removed wording regarding investments in ETFs: Since the fund is already allowed to invest in ETFs, it was deemed unnecessary to mention ETFs specifically in the prospectus. The removal will not constitute any change to the sub fund’s investment policy or its existing portfolio.

Change as of 1 January 2022 - increased minimum investment for institutional classes:

ID (EUR), LU0385672414: from 100,000 euro to 1 million euro
ID (H-SEK), LU0920716007: from 1 million Swedish kronor to 10 million Swedish kronor

List of the sub fund’s share classes and ISIN

UC (EUR), LU2249630760

C (EUR), LU0385668222

C (H-SEK), LU0920715884

C (H-SGD), LU0920715967

IC (EUR), LU0385670988

IC2 (EUR), LU1246880782

ID (EUR), LU0385672414

ID (H-SEK), LU0920716007

Updated product documentation for the sub fund will be available as of implementation of the changes described here and will be available on www.sebgroup.lu and from our registered office.

Past performance does not guarantee future performance. The value of investment funds and other financial instruments may rise as well as fall and there is no guarantee you will recover your original investment. Key investor information documents and prospectuses are available on www.sebgroup.lu/funds.