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SEB Optimus II SICAV liquidation

The fund's board of directors (the Board) wishes to inform you of substantial outflows in SEB Optimus II – FoF Balance and SEB Optimus – FOF Defensive plus (the sub funds) in recent years. Consequently, assets under management have been reduced to the degree that it is becoming difficult to manage the sub funds effectively and in the best interest of the shareholders.

Because the fund contains only two sub funds, the liquidation thereof will entail the dissolution and liquidation of the entire fund. Therefore the Board has decided to convene an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders where they will be asked to vote whether to liquidate the fund.

If you are a shareholder in one or both of the sub funds, you will be sent a convening notice for the extraordinary general meeting and a proxy ballot. We kindly ask you to fill in and return the proxy ballot, as is indicated in the convening notice.

In accordance with the fund's articles of incorporation, such a decision to liquidate entails the automatic suspension of the net asset value calculation for the sub funds as well as of all subscription and conversion orders. In order to ensure the equal treatment of shareholders, the Board has also decided to suspend all redemption orders for the sub funds. Consequently all subscription, conversion and redemption orders will be suspended as of 3 July at 15:30 CET.

After the EGM has been held, we will provide you with further information regarding the outcome.