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SEB Global High Yield Fund to merge with SEB High Yield - SEB Global High Yield Fund

We plan to merge the Finland-domiciled SEB Global High Yield Fund, the merging fund, with SEB High Yield - SEB Global High Yield Fund, the receiving sub fund, as of 11 February 2022.

We wish to merge the two funds to simplify SEB Investment Management AB’s selection of funds offered in Finland and to make fund management more efficient.

The merger is a part of SEB Investment Management AB’s aim to centralise and optimise its fund administration activities. To achieve this, SEB Investment Management AB intends to merge its common funds domiciled in Finland into its funds domiciled in Luxembourg.

This is a merger by absorption whereby the merging fund's holdings will be transferred to the receiving sub fund and SEB Global High Yield Fund will cease to exist. SEB Investment Management AB bears any costs related to legal, advisory and administration costs that arise in relation to the merger.


Merging fund into receiving sub-fund, per unit class:

SEB Global High Yield Fund

(merging fund)

SEB Global High Yield Fund

(receiving fund)

A - FI0008805841 D - A Class Fin (EUR) LU2398777370 (new unit class)
B - FI0008805858 C - B Class FIN (EUR) LU2398777297 (new unit class)



As an investor in the receiving sub fund SEB High Yield - SEB Global High Yield Fund you are not required to act, but we think you should know about the merger.

The merger does not have any foreseeable impact on your investment in the receiving sub fund. The sub fund continues to follow the same investment objective and strategy. Its fees remain the same.

By the sub fund’s cut-off time on 10 February 2022: Investors in the receiving sub fund who wish to redeem their units free of charge must do so by this date. Because redemption can result in taxation, we encourage investors to consult their financial advisor regarding their specific situation.

As of 11:00 CET on 4 February 2022: The merging fund closes for subscriptions and redemptions until the merger is completed.

11 February 2022: The merger takes effect and the merging fund ceases to exist.

Additional information

The merging fund is domiciled in Finland and the receiving sub fund is domiciled in Luxembourg which makes this a cross-border merger. The regulations for both the merging and the receiving funds/sub funds are based primarily on European Union legislation. The financial authorities in Finland and Luxembourg have approved this merger.

See the attached comparison table.

Product documentation for the funds is available on www.sebgroup.lu. The depositary statement and the auditor report will be available, free of charge, on request from our registered office, SEB Investment Management AB, Luxembourg branch.


SEB Investment Management AB, Luxembourg branch


Past performance does not guarantee future performance. The value of investment funds and other financial instruments may rise as well as fall and there is no guarantee you will recover your original investment. Key investor information documents and prospectuses are available on sebgroup.lu/funds.