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SEB Fund 5 – SEB Bond Fund SEK liquidation

SEB Investment Management AB’s board of directors wishes to inform you that we plan to liquidate the sub fund SEB Fund 5 – SEB Bond Fund SEK. This is because its assets under management have decreased to the degree that it is becoming difficult to manage the fund efficiently. In these circumstances, our decision to liquidate is in the best interest of the investors.

We plan to begin the liquidation of the sub fund as of 4 July 2017. Note that all three unit classes are automatically included in the liquidation. The unit classes are: D (SEK), LU0030175672; C (SEK), LU0030175755; and HNWD (SEK), LU0455717420.

Any expenses related to the sub fund’s liquidation are borne by the Management Company, SEB Investment Management AB.

As of 15:30 on 3 July 2017, the sub fund will be closed for transactions. Investors will not be able to buy, sell, convert or transfer units.

If you have investments in SEB Fund 5 – SEB Bond Fund SEK, you will be sent a reimbursement payment that is in relation to your investment at the time of liquidation. Note that reimbursement payments will be based on the sub-fund’s net asset value as calculated on 6 July 2017. We plan to distribute reimbursement payments by mid-July.