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SEB Fund 4 – SEB Short Bond Fund USD changes November 2017

We wish to inform you we plan to make changes in SEB Fund 4 ā€“ SEB Short Bond Fund USD. These changes, described below, come into effect 6 November 2017.

You are not required to take action due to these changes. However, if you disagree with the planned changes you may redeem your units free of charge until 3 November 2017.

The Management Company introduces the possibility to partially hedge some unit classes.

The following changes concern the sub fund SEB Fund 4 ā€“ SEB Short Bond Fund USD:

a) Name: The name will be changed to SEB Fund 4 - SEB USD Currency Fund which better reflects the investment strategy.

b) Index: Previously the return was compared to the Barclays Capital Treasury Coupons Total Return Index Value Unhedged USD. However, the sub fund will discontinue this index because it was not an appropriate benchmark for this sub-fund.

c) Close of business day: The net asset value for the sub fund will be calculated at the close of business day (COB), which is in line with our other sub funds.

d) Intended target group: We will add a clarification in the prospectus stating that the sub fund is intended for investors who believe in the appreciation of the US dollar.

The fundsā€™ updated prospectus will reflect regulatory requirements, clarifications, minor formal and editorial changes.

Updated product documentation, including the prospectus for SEB Fund 4, dated November 2017, will be available on www.sebgroup.lu and can also be requested from our registered office.