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SEB Fund 3 - SEB Technology Fund will merge with SEB Teknologifond

Important: kindly note that this merger has been cancelled. Click here.

SEB Fund 3 - SEB Technology Fund will be absorbed by SEB Teknologifond, domiciled in Sweden, on 13 May 2019. Additionally, we will make changes in SEB Teknologifond that more clearly define the sustainability criteria and the fund will offer new unit classes.

 At the time of the merger, SEB Fund 3 - SEB Technology Fund, including its assets and liabilities, will be absorbed by SEB Teknologifond and SEB Fund 3 - SEB Technology Fund will cease to exist.

As a unitholder in SEB Fund 3 - SEB Technology Fund, it is important for you to understand how the merger affects you. Please read this notice and the attached pdfs carefully, including the key investor information documentation of SEB Teknologifond provided as a pdf. Your investment will be automatically converted to SEB Teknologifond unless you redeem your units before the merger. The deadline for redeeming your holdings in the fund without charge is 3 May 2019.

We believe the merger will benefit unitholders by making the investment and operations processes more efficient. The merger does not affect the value of your investment. The merger will not lead to dilution effects in SEK Teknologifond. Expenses related to the merger will be borne by SEB IM AB and will not affect unitholders.

The merger has been approved by CSSF, the financial supervisory authority in Luxembourg. SEB Fund 3 - SEB Technology Fund is domiciled in Luxembourg and SEB Teknologifond is domiciled in Sweden which makes this a cross border merger. For more information, kindly  see the attached pdfs.