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SEB Fund 2 SEB Select closure

The final reimbursement payment in relation to the liquidation of SEB Fund 2 - SEB Select was paid out on 26 January 2015.

We wish to inform unitholders that assets for SEB Fund 2 - SEB Select have now been sold and the liquidation of the fund is closed. The final reimbursement payment for liquidation was paid out on 26 January 2015.

An earlier notice, dated 28 October 2013, explains why the fund was put into liquidation and how it affects you as a unitholder.

The sub fund SEB Select is included in the umbrella fund SEB Fund 2. The following classes are in-cluded in the liquidation:

SEB Select SEK - Lux Inst utd ID (H-SEK)
ISIN: LU0273119114

SEB Select SEK - Lux C (H-SEK)
ISIN: LU0273119387

SEB Select C (H-USD)
ISIN: LU0543448053

SEB Select C (EUR)
ISIN: LU0273118900

SEB Select C (H-NOK)
ISIN: LU0543448640

SEB Select IC (H-GBP)
ISIN: LU0543448301

SEB Select IC (EUR)
ISIN: LU0273118736

Generally, any proceeds from  a liquidation that are not claimed by a unitholder are held by a custodi-an bank. However. because all proceeds have been paid to unitholders of the fund, there is no need of a deposit to the Luxembourg Caisse de Consignation.

You are welcome to contact your financial advisor or local branch for more information or to discuss your investments.

SEB Asset Management S.A.