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SEB Fund 2 – SEB Russia Fund changes October 2019

We wish to inform you that SEB Fund 2 – SEB Russia Fund will undergo some changes with respect to its investment objective and policy as of 22 October 2019.

The sub fund will mainly invest in equity or equity related transferable securities listed or traded on a regulated market issued by companies domiciled in Russia and/or companies that conduct a tangible part of their economic activity in Russia. The sub fund may also invest up to one third of its net assets in companies that are listed or traded on regulated markets in eligible countries in the surrounding region including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

The reasoning behind the changes is to clarify the investment strategy. The investment process will stay the same.

You are not required to take action due to these changes, but it is important you as an investor understand them. If you disagree with the planned changes, you may redeem your units free of charge up until 15.30 (CET) 21 October 2019.

Product documentation for the sub fund, including the prospectus, is available on www.sebgroup.lu and from our registered office.


Past performance does not guarantee future performance. The value of investment funds and other financial instruments may rise as well as fall and there is no guarantee you will recover your original investment. Key investor information documents and prospectuses are available on www.sebgroup.lu/funds.