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SEB Fund 2 – SEB Generation Fund 80 liquidation 7 December 2018

SEB Investment Management AB’s board of directors wishes to inform you that we will liquidate the sub fund SEB Fund 2 – SEB Generation Fund 80. We decided to liquidate because the sub fund’s assets under management (AUM) are too small to enable us to manage the sub fund efficiently and in the interest of unitholders. 

The sub fund closes for transactions as of 15:30 on 7 December 2018. Investors will not be able to buy, sell, convert or transfer units. The sub fund then goes into liquidation as of 10 December 2018.

As an investor in SEB Fund 2 – SEB Generation Fund 80, you will be sent a reimbursement payment that is in relation to the value of your investment at the time of liquidation. We plan to distribute reimbursement payments as soon as possible.

Background to the liquidation
The sub fund is distributed mainly via the Swedish Pensions Agency. However, the sub fund’s insufficient assets under management prevent it from meeting the agency’s new minimum volume requirements and it will no longer be distributed via their platform. Without the volumes from the Swedish Pensions Agency, the sub fund’s AUM would fall even lower. Consequently, our decision to liquidate is in the best interest of the investors.

Any expenses related to the sub fund’s liquidation are borne by the Management Company, SEB Investment Management AB.