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SEB Industrial Opportunities: sustainability and new name

SEB Alternative Strategies SICAV – SEB Industrial Opportunities will have a sustainability focused objective as of 17 January 2022 and receive a new name, SEB Active Owners Impact Fund, to reflect the changes.

In addition to investing in companies with an active, engaged owner who seeks to contribute to value creation, the companies will also adhere to the sub fund’s sustainability objective and seek to achieve a positive environmental and/or social impact.

These changes are an essential part of our ongoing efforts to address the threat posed by climate change and to contribute to the Paris Agreement’s objectives and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. A concrete example is our recently implemented sustainability policy, which requires our funds to follow exclusion rules regarding fossil fuels, tobacco, commercial gaming and more.

We believe that companies working with active ownership and that aim for a positive environmental and social impact offer attractive returns for investors. SEB Active Owners Impact Fund is one of several funds that meet increased investor demand for products with higher sustainability requirements and take advantage of the investment opportunities that meet our requirements.

Global investment area, strategy and fees remain the same
The sub fund continues to invest primarily in equities issued by listed companies from any sector, anywhere in the world. The investment team continues to follow the current strategy of investing in companies with active and engaged owners. Management fees for the sub fund remain the same.

Stricter approach to sustainability
The team will employ a stricter sustainability approach when choosing investments and focus primarily on identifying companies that aim for a positive environmental and/or social impact as well as contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Consequently, the sub fund’s holdings will have a thematic approach, mainly including companies in areas such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, and significant carbon emission reduction that are in line with the Paris Agreement’s objective of climate change mitigation.

How you as an investor are affected
Most of our current portfolio already combines the two dimensions of active ownership with positive environmental and/or social impact creation. We believe the changes we plan to implement will cause only minor adjustments to the portfolio composition. However, this can result in transaction costs for the sub fund.

As an investor, you are not required to take action, but you should be familiar with the changes described here. If you do not wish to remain invested in the sub fund, you may redeem your units free of charge by 30 November 2021. Note that redemption can result in taxation. Kindly consult your financial advisor.

Summary of changes

New name: SEB Alternative Strategies SICAV – SEB Active Owners Impact Fund

New investment goal: Increase the value of shareholders’ investments over time while seeking to create a positive environmental and social impact.

Amended investment approach: The investment team will continue to use fundamental analysis approach to identify investment opportunities, and focus on companies that have an active and engaged owner who typically, through either operational or strategic advice, or both, is seeking to contribute to the value creation at the company. Although the intention is to invest only in such opportunities, up to 20% of the total assets of the sub fund may now be invested in companies that seek to create a positive environmental or social impact but not necessarily have an active and engaged owner.

Stricter approach to sustainability: The fund manager looks for investment opportunities that aim to contribute to the sub fund’s sustainability objective by aiming to create a positive environmental or social impact. Companies that fall within this category work with renewable energy, promote healthcare or innovation for resource efficiency and similar. The fund seeks investment opportunities that significantly reduce carbon emissions in line with the objective of the Paris agreement and opportunities that contribute to one or more UN Sustainable Development Goals through their business operations. The three main areas of investment opportunities are environmental impact, social impact and sustainable technology.

Redemption and subscription orders: The sub fund changes from quarterly trading to monthly trading. Investors must still submit their subscription/redemption order no later than the cut-off time on the last bank business day of the month in order for the order to be dealt with as of the last business day of the month that follows.

Specifying the accounting principle used: Information specifying the sub fund’s accounting principle when valuating assets in the SICAV has been added to the prospectus.

Existing classes and ISIN codes for the sub fund:




















Updated product documentation will be available on www.sebgroup.lu and from our registered office when the changes described here are implemented.

Past performance does not guarantee future performance. The value of investment funds and other financial instruments may rise as well as fall and there is no guarantee you will recover your original investment. Key investor information documents and prospectuses are available on www.sebgroup.lu/funds.