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New name and index for SEB Fund 3 – SEB Ethical Sweden Fund

The fund will change its name to SEB Fund 3 - SEB Sustainability Fund Sweden and have a new benchmark as of 15 December 2015. Additional changes will also be made.

We wish to inform unitholders of the sub fund SEB Fund 3 - SEB Ethical Sweden Fund, class D (SEK), LU0047322432, that several changes will be implemented as of 15 December 2015. Unitholders are not required to take action.

The following changes are valid as of the implementation date:
• The new name, SEB Fund 3 - SEB Sustainability Fund Sweden, emphasises that the fund will expand its ethical criteria. This means the fund will not invest in companies that are involved in coal, gas, and/or oil exploration and extraction.
• The new benchmark, which is used to calculate global exposure, is SIX Portfolio Return Index. The previous was OMX Stockholm Benchmark Cap GI Index.
• The maximum management fee per annum is 1.25%. The previous maximum management fee was 1.75%.
• The class is accumulating. Previously it was distributing. The new name is C(SEK).

Product documentation
Updated product documentation for the sub fund, including the above mentioned changes, will be available on www.sebgroup.lu and on request at the registered office of the Management Company.


The Management Company