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Liquidation of SEB Optimus II SICAV

We wish to inform you that the shareholders of SEB Optimus II SICAV (the “Fund”) voted at the EGM, on 31 July 2017, to dissolve and liquidate the Fund together with its two sub-funds SEB Optimus II – FoF Balance and SEB Optimus II – FOF Defensive plus (the “Sub-Funds”).

The liquidation process started on the same date mentioned above and we aim to distribute reimbursement payment to shareholders by mid-August. Any liquidation costs will be borne by the management company of the Fund. However, the liquidation may lead to tax consequences for shareholders.

Shareholders will be paid the net liquidation proceeds of the liquidation, in proportion to the number of shares held by them.

As previously communicated, all subscription, conversion and redemption orders were suspended as of 3 July at 15:30 CET in accordance with the constitutive documents of the Fund and in order to ensure equal treatment of shareholders. We distributed the information regarding the possible liquidation of SEB Optimus II SICAV on 3 July 2017.