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SEB Fund 2 – SEB Russia Fund: temporary redemptions

We wish to inform you that, since we have received redemption requests for more than 10 % of the NAV of SEB Fund 2 – SEB Russia Fund, we have decided to limit the redemptions so the outflows in the fund will not exceed this threshold. The limitation is in line with the rules of the prospectus and implies that orders placed in the fund before cut-off 4 January 2017 will be split and settled over two days. Each unitholder will have the same percentage of its redemption request settled at the NAV calculated 4 January 2017. The balance of the redemption requests will be settled at the NAV calculated 5 January 2017.  

The concerned unit classes are:

  • SEB Russia Fund C (EUR), LU0273119544
  • SEB Russia Fund C (USD), LU0600309446