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Changes in SEB Pension Fund and SEB Pension Fund Plus

We wish to inform unitholders of changes in SEB Pension Fund and SEB Pension Fund Plus.

1) Changes affecting both SEB Pension Fund and SEB Pension Fund Plus:

In addition to  SEB’s standard sustainability principles, as described in Section 3,
“Investment Objective and Policy,” of the general part of the fund’s prospectus, the sub fund also takes into account additional ethical and/or sustainable principles as decided at any time by the Management Company.

2) Trading cycles for SEB Pension Fund and SEB Pension Fund Plus:

The sub funds’ cut-off time of 15:30 remains the same, but their trading cycles will be
extended by one day to better align with trading cycles of underlying holdings.
Example: If you buy or sell units before cut-off time on a Monday, the transaction will be based on Tuesday’s net asset value and processed on Wednesday.

3) Change affecting only SEB Pension Fund:

a. The Investment Objective and Policy wording is slightly amended to ensure consistency with wording used for the sub-fund SEB Pension Fund Plus, as well as to clarify the investment policy of SEB Pension Fund The main addition can be read as follows (in bold):

The sub-fund may also invest in units/shares of UCITS and/other UCIs such as, but not limited to, funds investing in non-investment grade bonds (high yield) and/or emerging market (“Emerging Market”) bonds, funds with alternative strategies and closed-ended Real Estate Investment Trust (“REITs”) to the extent they qualify as eligible assets according to the Law and as described under part 3.1 of the General Part of the Prospectus.

b. The sub fund may invest up to 100% of its net assets in UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) and other UCIs  (Undertakings for Collective Investment)  provided that the sub fund complies with risk diversification rules as described in Section 3.2 of the general part of the fund’s prospectus.

4) SEB Fund 3 prospectus: For the sake of clarification we also made a few adjustments in the general part of the SEB Fund 3 prospectus.

Unitholders are not required to take action in relation to the changes described here. However, if you as a unitholder do not wish to continue investing in SEB Fund 3 due to the implementation of the changes described here, you may redeem your units within a month from the date of this notice, without being charged a redemption fee. Kindly consult your financial advisor to discuss any tax consequences that may result from redemption.

Updated product documentation for SEB Fund 3, including the above-mentioned changes, is available as of 22 May 2017 on www.sebgroup.lu and upon request at the registered office of the Management Company.


The Management Company, Luxembourg branch