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Changes in SEB Alternative Strategies SICAV

We would like to inform about changes in SEB Alternative Strategies SICAV, affecting two sub-funds, SEB Diversified and SEB Industrial Opportunities. Shareholders do not need to take any action in relation to these changes. The changes take effect 15 March 2016.

SEB Diversified - Summary of changes:

  • The Sub-Fund may take positions in commodity derivatives but shall not take delivery of commodities.
  • Where the Sub-Fund invests more than 10 % of its net asset value in interest bearing securities and/or money market instruments which are issued by the same issuing body, the total value of such investments may not exceed 50 % of the Sub-FundĀ“s net asset value.
  • The Sub-Fund may invest up to 50 % of its Net Asset Value into a single UCI or UCITS, provided that the UCI or UCITS fulfils all of the following requirements: i) is open-ended, ii) is promoted by the SEB Group, iii) is domiciled in Luxembourg, iv) is not charging the Sub-Fund with subscription fees or redemption fees and v) is subject to risk diversification requirement comparable to those provided for by the 2010 Law for UCITS.

SEB Industrial Opportunities - Summary of changes:

  • When the sub fund invests more than 5 % of its net asset value in equities and equity-related instruments issued by the same body the total value of these investments may not exceed 75 % of the sub fund's net asset value.
  • The sub fund will not invest more than 10 % of its net assets in units/shares of UCITS or UCIs, including closed ended UCIs.
  • The sub fund's maximum level of leverage as calculated according to the commitment method is increased to 125 % from 100 % of the sub fund's total net assets.
  • The management fee for class HNWD (H-SEK), LU1242470984, is reduced from 1.5 % to 1.0 %.


The Board of Directors
SEB Alternative Strategies SICAV