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Additional change in SEB Fund 4 – SEB Short Bond Fund USD

We wish to inform you we plan to make an additional change in SEB Fund 4 – SEB Short Bond Fund USD.

We published on 4 October 2017 on our website some changes to be effective on 6 November 2017, including the below:

"c) Close of business day: The net asset value for the sub fund will be calculated at the close of business day (COB), which is in line with our other sub funds."

As this change impacts cut-off time, the below paragraph will be added in the version of the prospectus dated and effective on 6 November 2017:

"Notwithstanding the general rules laid down in the section – "cut-off time" in part I of the Prospectus, orders placed at the Registrar and Transfer Agent before 15:30 (CET) on a Valuation Day (Order date) will be processed on the basis of the NAV calculated for the Order date. Calculation of the NAV is performed on the Valuation Day immediately following the Order date. Orders received after 15:30 (CET) on an Order date will be considered as orders being placed on the next Order date before 15:30 (CET)."

The Management Company