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Changes in SEB Optimix as per 11 December 2012

The Board of Directors of SEB Asset Management S. A. has decided that due to a high total investment in illiquid funds and to ensure the equal treatment of Unitholders, to put the sub-funds SEB Optimix Substanz (LU0151339883) and SEB Optimix Ertrag (LU0066376558) into liquidation with effect on 11th of December 2012.

The suspension of the redemption of units and the rejection of subscription and conversion applications decided on the 27th of February 2012 is thus final. Since the liquidation process of these sub-funds depends largely on being able to liquidate the underlying funds, the liquidation in the interest of the Unitholders will probably not be concluded until 31st of December 2017.

Unit holders will be provided with information on the individual steps involved in the liquidation of the sub-funds in the annual and semi-annual reports of SEB Optimix.

The next step is that due to the decision to put aforementioned sub-funds in liquidation, to take away SEB Optimix Substanz (LU0151339883) and SEB Optimix Ertrag (LU0066376558)  from the public offering in Germany.

Other changes:

  • To change the investment manager of all four sub-funds of SEB Optimix from SEB Investment GmbH (Germany) to SEB Investment Management AB, part of the SEB Group (Sweden) as of 11th of December 2012:
    -SEB Optimix Substanz (ISIN LU0151339883)
    -SEB Optimix Ertrag (ISIN LU0066376558)
    -SEB Optimix Wachstum (ISIN LU0066376988)
    -SEB Optimix Chance (ISIN LU0066377101)
  • To update the prospectus of SEB Optimix by implementing the provisions of the BaFin Guidance Notice on the notification of foreign investment funds. This update is not associated with any material change to the investment policy of the two remaining sub-funds.

For further details, please download the notice to unitholders.