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SEB Optimix: second reimbursement payment

A second reimbursement payment will be distributed to customers who hold units in the funds SEB Optimix Substanz and SEB Optimix Ertrag. Redemption of fund units will be executed as of 3 July, based on NAV (Net Asset Value) as of 2 July.The account custodians will need several days to process the payout, meaning that it will only be credited several bank working days after the reimbursement payment date. Click on the links below to read earlier articles.

Note that customers will receive a reimbursement payment that relates to their holdings in proportion to the available liquidity in the funds, thus guaranteeing that all investors receive the same payout ratio. The reimbursement payment represents 7, 28 percent of total assets under management in SEB Optimix Substanz and 9, 07 percent of total assets under management in SEB Optimix Ertrag (based on the TNA, Total Net Asset Value, 1 July).

SEB Optimix Substanz and SEB Optimix Ertrag were put into liquidation 11 December 2012.

  • SEB Optimix Ertrag B, LU0066376558
  • SEB Optimix Substanz B, LU0151339883