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SEB Key Recovery: fourth reimbursement payment

A fourth reimbursement payment will be distributed 27 November 2012 to customers who hold units in the fund SEB Key Recovery. The payment represents 7.4 percent of the last official net asset value (NAV) as of 30 November 2011. SEB Key Recovery is included in the umbrella fund SEB Alternative Investment.

Note that customers will receive a reimbursement payment that relates to their respective investment and its value at the time of liquidation. The reimbursement payments, up to and including this fourth payment, represent a total of 93.8 percent of the value of the fund’s assets (as of the last official NAV, net asset value).

SEB Key Recovery was put into liquidation 22 December 2011 due to significant redemption requests. Click on the links below to read earlier articles.

The umbrella fund SEB Alternative Investment and its unit classes:
SEB Key Recovery RC (H-EUR)

SEB Key Recovery IC (H-EUR)

SEB Key Recovery HNW (H-NOK)

SEB Key Recovery RC (H-SEK)

SEB Key Recovery ID (H-SEK)

SEB Key Recovery