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SEB Japan Fund: new manager, new index

Management of SEB Fund 1 – SEB Japan Fund (domiciled in Lux) and SEB Japanfond (domiciled in Sweden) will be moved from Goldman Sachs Asset Management International in London to SEB Investment Management AB in Stockholm as of 15 May 2013.

The fund will be managed by Hartvig Rygaard, who is a member of SEB Investment Management AB’s Quantitative Portfolio Management (QPM) team.

As of the same date, the fund will also start using the MSCI Japan Index to calculate its risk and performance measurement. The previous index was TOPIX Return Index.

Customers with investments in the fund do not need to take action or make any decisions in relation to the changes. Management fees for the fund remain the same.

SEB Fund 1 - SEB Japan Fund
Class C (JPY)
ISIN code LU0030163587
Marketing name Sweden: SEB Japanfond - Lux

SEB Fund 1 - SEB Japan Fund
Class D (JPY)
ISIN code LU0261481542
Marketing name Sweden: SEB Japanfond – Lux utd

SEB Japanfond
ISIN code SE0000577462