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SEB High Yield: Updated prospectus and change of asset manager

To increase efficiency of asset management, SEB High Yield will change legal structure from a single, stand-alone, open-ended common fund to an open-ended, umbrella common fund as of 12 December 2013.

In connection with the above mentioned change some additional changes will be made:

  • The umbrella legal name changes from SEB HighYield to SEB High Yield. The name change consists of writing “High” and “Yield”as two separate words.
  • SEB High Yield will become a sub-fund of the umbrella fund SEB High Yield. The sub-fund’s legal name will be SEB High Yield – SEB High Yield Fund.
  • A new sub-fund will be created, SEB High Yield – SEB Global High Yield Fund.
  • New unit classes will be issued for each sub-fund. Information on each sub-fund’s unit class is described in the prospectus for SEB High Yield.

The task of managing the fund's portfolio will be taken over by SEB's Swedish management company SEB Investment Management AB at the same date. The fund's investment policy, risk profile and fees remain unchanged.

For a complete description of the changes, see the attached notice to unitholders.