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SEB Hedge and SEB Key Select change management

SEB Alternative Investment - SEB Hedge and SEB Fund 2 - SEB Key Select, including all related classes, will be managed by SEB Investment Management AB as of 2 May 2013. Customers who have invested in the fund are not affected. The funds’ fees and investment areas remain the same.

The funds were previously managed by Key Asset Management (UK) Limited. As a result of the change, SEB Key Select will change its name to SEB Select.

SEB Investment Management AB’s Multi Management team, headed by Mårten Gabrielsson, will take over management of the funds as of 2 May. During the transition period, Key Asset Management and Gabrielsson’s teams will collaborate to ensure a smooth transfer of expertise.

SEB Alternative Investment – SEB Hedge:
Class IC (H-EUR), ISIN LU0364905272
Class ID (H-SEK), ISIN LU0364905439
Class HNW (H-SEK), ISIN LU0364905512
Class HNW (H-NOK), ISIN LU0364904895
Class RC (H-SEK), ISIN LU0364904622
Class RC (H-EUR), ISIN LU0364904549

SEB Fund 2 – SEB Key Select:
Class C (EUR), ISIN LU0273118900
Class C (H-SEK), ISIN LU0273119387
Class C (H-USD), ISIN LU0543448053
Class C (H-NOK), ISIN LU0543448640
Class IC (EUR), ISIN LU0273118736
Class IC (H-GBP), ISIN LU0543448301
Class ID (H-SEK), ISIN LU0273119114