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SEB Global Equity Long/Short: new payment after liquidation

Recently an unexpected receivable from SEB Absolute - SEB Global Equity Long/Short’s former holdings was received by the Management Company. Consequently, a new payment has been distributed to former unitholders of the fund. The payment is in proportion to the units held by customers in the liquidated fund. Payments were distributed in mid-October 2013.

The decision to liquidate the fund was taken 4 April 2012 due to a substantial redemption request. The first reimbursement payment to unitholders represented the majority of the fund’s assets. A second reimbursement payment was distributed in mid-June 2013.

SEB Global Equity Long/Short was included in the umbrella fund SEB Absolute. Click on the links below for the notice to former unitholders and a list of all the classes affected by the liquidation.