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SEB Fund 1 – SEB Global Fund

We wish to inform unitholders that the index used to calculate the value at risk measurement for SEB Fund 1 - SEB Global Fund will be changed from MSCI All Country World Net Return to MSCI World Net Return Index as of 1 November 2013.

Customers with investments in SEB Fund 1 – SEB Global Fund do not need to take action or make any decisions in relation to the changes.

This change of index affects the following subfunds:
SEB Fund 1 - SEB Global Fund
Class C (USD)
ISIN code: LU0030158231

SEB Fund 1 - SEB Global Fund
Class D (USD)
ISIN code: LU0397031146

This change will be reflected in the updated version of the affected funds’ prospectus as of November 2013.  The prospectus is available on request from the registered office of the Management Company as well as via our website www.sebgroup.lu