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Fund trading in turbulent markets

The geopolitical situation has recently worsened. In addition to the humanitarian effects, this has also led to very strong movements in the world's capital markets. At the fund company, SEB Investment Management, we follow developments closely and our organization has extensive experience of handling situations in turbulent times. The situation can give rise to questions, and not least if funds need to be closed for trading. Below, you will find information about what applies.

  • To protect the interests of all fund unit holders, trading bans can be introduced.
  • If a market or a fund falls sharply in value, this does not in itself lead to the fund deciding to close for trading.
  • When we assess that the prices of funds' holdings are not reliable, we can close the funds for trading and postpone orders to ensure that all unit holders in the funds are treated equally.
  • The management of the funds concerned will continue even if they are closed for trading.
  • If you as a customer want to buy or sell shares in funds, it is possible to place orders, and we will carry out the assignment when the fund has opened for trading again.
  • A fund is opened for trading as soon as we can establish a correct valuation of the fund's holdings.