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SEB Investment Management updates the sustainability policy for investments in the defence industry

SEB’s fund company, SEB Investment Management, has updated its sustainability policy regarding investments in the defence industry. After 1 April 2022, a number of funds that invest in equities and corporate bonds, will be able to invest in the defence sector.

In January 2022, SEB Investment Management initiated a review of its policy regarding investments in the defence industry and is now updating the policy. This means that some funds that invest in equities and corporate bonds, will be able to invest in the defence industry.

All our funds will continue to exclude investments in companies that manufacture, develop, or sell weapons that violate international conventions (such as cluster bombs, land mines, and chemical and biological weapons). Also excluded are companies involved in the development of nuclear weapons programs or the production of nuclear weapons.

Information regarding which funds will be able to include investments in the defence industry, will be available in the information material for each individual fund, from the date in which it comes into effect. Information will also be available in the Sustainability Information document, which can be found in our fund list.

After 1 April 2022, the following funds will be able to invest in the defence sector (including share class and ISIN):


SEB Flexible Bond Fund SEK

C (SEK) - LU0053967609

D (SEK) - LU0053968599

UC (SEK) - LU1895565437


SEB Short Bond Fund SEK

C (SEK) - LU0037255535

D (SEK) - LU0961016192

HNWC (SEK) - LU0455700707

HNWD (SEK) - LU0455700889

IC (SEK) - LU0961016275

UC (SEK) - LU1895565270


Please note that three more Swedish-registered funds will be included. For more information, see our sustainability policy and the full list of funds: 



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