15 Sep 2014 16:37

SEB SICAV 2 - SEB Credit Multi Strategy ID (H-SEK)

We wish to inform you that we have identified and corrected an error in the past performance section of the key investor information document (KIID) for the fund SEB SICAV 2 - SEB Credit Multi Strategy (class ID (H-SEK), ISIN LU0920715702).

The error consisted of a discrepancy between the historical performance for the year 2012, as shown in the fund’s KIID, and the actual 2012 performance. The error has not affected clients’ investments or the fund’s net asset value.
Product documentation for SEB SICAV 2 – SEB Credit Multi Strategy, including the above-mentioned changes, is available as of 15 September 2014 on www.sebgroup.lu and at the registered office of the Management Company upon request.

The Management Company