17 Dec 2013 16:41

SEB Hedge liquidation: reimbursement to unitholders

The first reimbursement payment to the unitholders of SEB Alternative Investment – SEB Hedge is planned for December. The fund was put in to liquidation on 29 October. The reimbursement payment is expected to be in the unitholders’ accounts by 20 December 2013.

The next reimbursement payment is planned for February 2014. As the date for the next payment approaches, more information will be available on this website.

As previously announced, the management company SEB Asset Management S.A. decided to liquidate SEB Alternative Investment – SEB Hedge on 29 October 2013. Click on the link below to read the previously published article on the liquidation.

Fund facts

SEB Hedge RC (H-EUR)
ISIN: LU0364904549    

SEB Hedge RC (H-SEK)
ISIN: LU0364904622   

ISIN: LU0364904895   

ISIN: LU0364905512   

SEB Hedge IC (H-EUR)
ISIN: LU0364905272   

SEB Hedge ID (H-SEK)
ISIN: LU0364905439