21 Apr 2015 15:19

SEB Green Bond Fund: a green alternative for investors

SEB Green Bond Fund, recently launched, provides the opportunity to invest in a bond fund with a specific climate and sustainability profile. The fund is a green alternative to traditional bond funds and is similar to other types of bonds in terms of risk and regulations.

Green bonds have a specific sustainability profile. They invest in projects or activities that have a direct or indirect benefit on the environment such as wind farms, water purification plants, clean transportation, sustainable agriculture, and waste management.

The actively managed fund gives investors the chance to gain broad exposure in green bonds globally. It aims to provide long-term capital growth, while maintaining its sustainability profile. The fund invests in companies that comply with international conventions and guidelines on human rights, labour rights, anti-corruption, and environment. It does not invest in companies that manufacture or sell weapons that violate international conventions such as cluster bombs and/or landmines, or nuclear weapons.

The fund is managed by Marianne Gut, a member of SEB Investment Management AB’s fixed-income team in Stockholm, Sweden. The management team works closely with ESG team at SEB Investment Management AB during the investment process.

Kindly see the Prices & Facts list on this website for more information regarding the fund.