20 Apr 2015 18:15

SEB Fund 1 - SEB North America Chance/Risk Fund undergoing changes

We wish to inform unitholders of the sub-fund SEB Fund 1 - SEB North America Chance/Risk Fund, Class C (USD), LU0030166176, that it will undergo material changes as of 21 May 2015. The changes are described below.

Sub-fund name

  • SEB US All Cap is the new name of the sub-fund.
  • The sub-fund will continue to be included in the umbrella fund SEB Fund 1.

 Investment strategy

  • The investment manager for the sub-fund will focus mainly on investing in US com-panies.
  • The sub-fund portfolio can invest in North American companies and companies traded on the North American markets.

 Sub-fund investment manager

  • Fort Washington Investment Advisors, Inc. is the new Sub-Fund investment manager. The headquarters are in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
  • The sub-fund was previously managed by TCW Investment Management Company.
  • The fees to be paid by the investors will remain unchanged.

 Global exposure

  • The sub-fund will now use the Russell 3000 Net Return Index.
  • The sub-fund used the S&P 500 Net Total Return index.

 How you are affected
You are not required to take action. However, if you as a unitholder do not wish to continue investing in the sub-fund in its new form, you may redeem your units within a month from the date of this notice, without being charged a redemption fee. Kindly consult your financial advisor to discuss any tax consequences that may result from redemption.    

Product documentation Updated product documentation for the sub-fund including the above mentioned changes, will be available as of 21 May 2015 on www.sebgroup.lu and upon request at the registered office of the Management Company.