10 Dec 2015 12:55

SEB EuropaRent Spezial to be liquidated

The fund’s last official net asset value, on 10 December 2015, was EUR 48.96.

Notice to unitholders
SEB EuropaRent Spezial was put into liquidation on 10 December 2015. We decided to liquidate because the fund’s assets have decreased substantially, making it difficult to manage the fund efficiently. This kind of situation can arise as the market changes and customers move their investments in or out of a fund.  See the attached pdf for information in German.

How the liquidation affects you as a customer
If you own units in the fund, your investment will automatically be included in the liquidation process. When the fund manager has liquidated the fund’s assets, we will distribute a reimbursement payment that is in relation to your holdings.

Reimbursement payments that are not claimed by investors will be held by the Caisse de Consignation in Luxembourg for the legally required period of time. At the end of the period, unclaimed payments will revert to the Luxembourg State.

More about the fund and liquidation
SEB EuropaRent Spezial (LU0093506169) has one class, C (EUR). The fund is a Luxembourg-domiciled investment fund structured as a FCP-SIF (Fonds Commun de placement – Specialised Investment Fund). It also qualifies as an alternative investment fund.

We, SEB Asset Management SA, are the liquidator for this fund. Note that we will pay any costs associated with the liquidation of the fund. The liquidation is part of our ongoing efforts to manage our funds efficiently and refine our selection. Your banking advisor will contact you in order to discuss alternative investment solutions.

SEB Asset Management SA

SEB Europa Rent Spezial notice German 2015