01 Sep 2014 13:01

SEB EuropaRent Spezial

The board of directors of the fund management company SEB Asset Management S.A. would like to inform you that the following changes have been made to the fund documentation:

Language of the fund documentation
The language of the issue document and the management regulations has been changed from German into English and in relation to such translation some provisions, e.g. the investment policy and the investment restrictions have been further clarified.

Update of the fund documentation
The issue document and management regulations of the fund have been further updated in order for the fund to qualify as alternative investment fund under the Luxembourg law of 12 July 2013 on alternative investment fund managers.

In this context, SEB Asset Management S.A. has been designated as the fund’s alternative investment fund manager.

In this update, the provisions regarding US persons have been further clarified and a wording has been added in relation to the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

Unitholders do not need to take any action in relation to the changes described here. Updated documentation   will   be   available   upon   request   at www.sebgroup.lu and at the fund management company's registered office.