30 Mar 2021 09:00

New responsible Portfolio Managers for Swedish and Nordic Small Caps

SEB Investment Management wishes to inform investors that Daniel Klint and Kristoffer Flack take over the main portfolio management responsibility for our range of equity funds with focus on Swedish and Nordic Small Caps as the previous responsible Portfolio Manager, Per Trygg, has decided to leave SEB. 

The new responsible Portfolio Managers – Klint and Flack – have together with Trygg managed the funds the last couple of years. They are part of the unit fundamental equities, which comprises of 15 investment professionals.

The portfolio management of the funds stays intact with focus on fundamental company analysis where, among other things, analysis of companies’ business models, market position and management team are key elements.

Following funds/sub-funds are affected:

SEB Micro Cap Fund SICAV-SIF
C (SEK), ISIN LU0322420497

SEB SICAV 2 - SEB Nordic Small Cap Fund
IC (EUR), LU0385665715
C (EUR), LU0385664312
UC (EUR), LU2249630844

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