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Luxembourg-domiciled SEB Fund 4 – SEB Short Bond Fund SEK will merge with Sweden-domiciled SEB Korträntefond SEK 

The management company, SEB Investment Management, has decided to merge Luxembourg-domiciled SEB Fund 4 – SEB Short Bond Fund SEK, the merging sub-fund, with Sweden-domiciled SEB Korträntefond SEK, the receiving fund, as of 12 June 2023.  

The merger is a part of SEB Investment Management AB’s (the management company) aim to centralise and optimise its fund administration activities and portfolio management. 

How you as a unitholder are affected 

The Sweden-domiciled Korträntefond SEK will be the receiving fund in this merger. This is a merger by absorption, whereby the merging sub-fund's holdings, including its assets and liabilities, will be transferred to the receiving fund, and Luxembourg-domiciled SEB Fund 4 – SEB Short Bond Fund SEK will cease to exist.  

You are not required to act, but we think you as an investor should be familiar with the merger. As an investor in the merging sub-fund, your units will transfer to the receiving fund, and you will become a unitholder in the Sweden-domiciled SEB Korträntefond SEK after the merger is completed. The receiving fund will continue to follow the same investment objective and strategy as previously, and the fund’s fees will not be affected.  

Affected unit classes and ISIN  

SEB Fund 4 - SEB Short Bond Fund SEK                SEB Korträntefond SEK 

(merging sub-fund)                                                          (receiving fund) 

Unit Class                       ISIN code                                 Unit Class               ISIN code 

C (SEK)                     LU0037255535 

        A                             SE0000984080 

D (SEK)                     LU0961016192 

        B                             SE0004867190 

UC (SEK)                   LU1895565270 

        D                             SE0017830714 

HNWC (SEK)          LU0455700707 

        E                             SE0020050599   

HNWD (SEK)          LU0455700889 

        F                             SE0020050607 

IC (SEK)                     LU0961016275 

        C                             SE0005568029 


 If you wish to redeem your units in either of the funds, the following applies:  

 Important dates 

  • 2 June 2023: By the merging sub-fund's cut-off time, the merging sub-fund closes for redemptions, subscriptions and conversions in order to prepare for the merger.   
  • 9 June 2023: The calculation of the exchange ratio is performed.  
  • 12 June 2023: The merger takes effect, and the merging sub-fund ceases to exist.  

As usual, units may be purchased or redeemed free of charge. SEB Investment Management AB bears any costs related to legal, advisory, and administration costs that arise in relation to the merger. Redemption can result in taxation. Kindly consult your financial advisor for more information.  

Additional information 

The Key Information Documents and prospectuses are available at www.sebgroup.lu/funds for SEB Fund 4 – SEB Short Bond Fund SEK, and at www.seb.se/fonder (in Swedish) for SEB Korträntefond SEK. The Key Information Document (in English) for the receiving fund, SEB Korträntefond SEK, can be found below.  

More detailed information on the merger may be found in the documents below: 

Notice - SEB Fund 4 – Short Bond Fund SEK 

Notice - SEB Korträntefond SEK 

SEB Korträntefond SEK KID 


Past performance does not guarantee future performance. The value of investment funds and other financial instruments may rise as well as fall and there is no guarantee you will recover your original investment.