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Lower fees for SEB SICAV 2 – SEB Alternative Fixed Income


The management and performance fees for the sub fund's unit classes will be lowered as of 1 March 2019. The new and old fees are listed below per unit class.

New management fee 0.9% and performance fee 15%
C (EUR),  LU0920714648
C (H-SEK),  LU0920714721
Previous management fee 1.10% and performance fee 20%

New management fee 0.65% and performance fee 15%
IC (EUR),  LU0920715025
ID (H-SEK),  LU0920715702
Previous management fee 0.75% and performance fee 20%

New management fee 0.70%
HNWC (H-SEK), LU0920714994
Previous management fee 0.75%. Performance fee remains the same at 15%.

New management fee 0.45% and performance fee 15%
(EUR),  LU1822878739
(H-SEK),  LU1902141339
Previous management fee 0.55% and performance fee 20%