14 Jul 2016 15:23

Investor information on our Luxembourg website

In our role as management company/alternative investment fund manager (“AIFM”) we aim to provide you as an investor in SEB’s Luxembourg-based funds with relevant information in a timely manner.

Our main communication channel is our website www.sebgroup.lu, as will be indicated in our funds’ prospectuses/issue documents on the next update. We encourage you to check our website regularly for the latest fund information. In some cases, we provide information via additional or other communication channels, such as when required by law.


The Management Company/The AIFM

List of funds in scope in regard to this notice 

  • SEB Asian Property II SICAV-SIF
  • SEB Optimus II
  • SEB Optimix ( in liquidation)
  • SEB Private Equity Opportunity Fund III S.C.A., SICAV - SIF
  • SEB Alternative Strategies SICAV
  • SEB Micro Cap Fund
  • SEB Private Banking Fund
  • SEB Private Equity Fund
  • IOR
  • Elite Fund
  • SEB SLS Multi Manager SICAV-SIF
  • Gamla Liv International Real Estate Fund