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Information to investors of SEB Alternative Assets S.A., SICAV-RAIF - SEB Eureka Fixed Income Relative Value (the “Sub-Fund”)

SEB Investment Management AB, Denmark Branch, in the role of Portfolio Manager of the Sub-Fund, will on the 1st of April appoint Asgard Asset Management A/S as Investment Advisor to the Sub-Fund.

The current CIO of the Sub-Fund, Bo Michael Andersen, will from 1 April 2023, legally be employed at Asgard Asset Management A/S and enter the role as Chief Investment Advisor of the Sub-Fund. The cost for the investment advisor is included in the management fee of the Sub-Fund. 

Following the appointment of Asgard Asset Management A/S as investment advisors, the board intends to call unit holders in the Sub-Fund to a general meeting proposing to amend the prospectus to transform the Sub-Fund into a feeder fund to Asgard Fixed Income Risk Premia. Investors will be duly notified and called for this meeting. 

In connection with the appointment of Asgard Asset Management A/S as Investment Advisor, all share classes in Eureka will be closed for subscriptions until further notice. 

Please feel free to contact your contact person at SEB should you require further information.