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Distribution of fund dividends June 2018

The distributing unit classes in some Lux-domiciled sub funds pay dividends 29 June 2018. 

Distributing unit classes in the sub funds listed below pay dividends 29 June 2018. The dividends should be in customers’ accounts the following week. The dividends paid out in 2018 are based on 2017’s financial statements for the funds. 

Sub funds ISIN codes Dividend per unit (SEK)
SEB Credit Opportunity IV HNWD (H-EUR) LU1486543280 3.1822
SEB Credit Opportunity IV HNWD (SEK) LU1486542472 3.1810
SEB Credit Opportunity IV HNWD (SEK) 5MSEK LU1486542639 3.1843
SEB Credit Opportunity IV ID (SEK) LU1486542803 3.1873