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Changes to SEB Fund 5 - SEB Danish Mortgage Bond Fund, including a new SFDR Article 8 classification

As an investor in one of the sub-funds, you are not required to act due to these changes, and the value of your investment in the sub-fund(s) will not be affected, but it is important for you to be aware of the changes. 

The change of the SEB Fund 5 - Danish Mortgage Bond Fund from an SFDR Article 6 classification to an SFDR Article 8 classification is a direct result of strong client interest and SEB Investment Management AB’s (IM) commitment to contributing to a more sustainable future.  

As part of this, we want to improve the investment and engagement processes to be able to promote environmental and social characteristics in the portfolio management of the sub-fund.  

As an SFDR Article 8 product, SEB Fund 5 – Danish Mortgage Bond Fund will be promoting environmental and social characteristics but will not make any sustainable investments. A minimum of 70% of the sub-fund's investments will be aligned with environmental and/or social characteristics. 

The sub-fund’s investment objective and policy will stay the same, and the sub-fund will use the same indices as before the change.  

SFDR category change 

Current SFDR Category 

New SFDR Category 

Article 6 of SFDR 

  • The sub-fund does not promote environmental and/or social characteristics. 

Article 8 of SFDR 

  • The sub-fund promotes environmental and social characteristics but will not make any sustainable investments. 


The language on Sustainability Approach, as included in the investment process section of the sub-fund’s supplement was removed due to the sub-fund’s reclassification. The deleted language was required under the SFDR and Taxonomy Regulation relating to an SFDR Article 6 product. However, investors should note that there is no change to the sub-fund’s investment process.  

For more details of the sub-fund’s environmental and social characteristics, you are recommended to read SEB Fund 5 – Danish Mortgage Bond Fund’s sustainability-related disclosures as provided in Annex I, found at the end of the prospectus. 

How you as an investor are affected 

The changes will take effect on 7 August 2023. The changes will not have any foreseeable impact on your investment in the sub-fund. The sub-fund continues to follow the same investment objective and strategy, and the sub-fund’s fees remain the same.  

Past performance does not guarantee future performance. The value of investment funds and other financial instruments may rise as well as fall and there is no guarantee you will recover your original investment. Key Information Documents and prospectuses are available at www.sebgroup.lu/funds.