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You make the investment decisions with our Investment Advisory Service

With our Investment Advisory Service, you create and manage an investment portfolio together with your client executive and our various investment experts. When advising on investment products, we will take into account your financial situation, risk willingness and investment horizon, as well as other needs that are important to you. We offer investment services either through our Active Trading Investment Advisory Service, if you want access to your own trader, or our Investment Advisory Service where you, together with your client executive, will build up and maintain a diversified investment portfolio.

Active Trading Investment Advisory Service includes:

  • A tailored multi-currency account set-up through which you can invest in global markets through various currencies, using hedging to mitigate unwanted currency volatility.
  • Access to a dedicated trader, who will provide you with advice and recommendation based on the analysis produced by our own specialist research house in Sweden.
  • Priority in and access to IPOs where SEB acts as advisor.

Private Banking Investment Advisory Service includes: 

  • Advanced investment services including comprehensive financial analysis and a wide selection of quality-reviewed investment funds.
  • Access to alternative investments that you cannot gain exposure to via the traditional equity and bond markets. We also offer investments in unlisted companies that are generally difficult to access for private investors.
  • Sustainable investments and products within for example impact investing, i.e. investments in companies that are contributing to making the world more sustainable.

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