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SEB is the best private bank in German speaking Europe

SEB's Private Banking in Luxembourg is the top private bank in the German-speaking countries of Europe. These are the findings of this year's market study, "Testing Private Banking – the European League of Private Bankers". The research was conducted by the Fuchsbriefe publishing house in collaboration with IQF and risk analysis specialists Quanvest. The research looked at over 100 private banks.

In the quality ranking, the testers came to the following conclusion: “With SEB, it is obvious that all of the steps in the advisory process are tailored to the highest requirements.” They also noted that “SEB stands out in almost every category: in addition to brilliant advice, the competition cannot keep up in terms of either investment proposals or transparency.”

Rolf Fus, Deputy Head of Private Banking SEB: “SEB has been one of the providers with the best quality advisory services for many years. Our approach is consistently tailored to the requirements and individual situations of our clients. SEB specialises in working with entrepreneurs and other high net-worth private banking clients, so we are very pleased that this market study has shown a particularly high level of recognition for our services.”

Peter Kubicki, Managing Director SEB SA: “We are very happy to receive this distinction. The result is an expression of our principles on investment advice for high-net-worth private clients: a high-quality holistic approach to private banking, customer service and a high level of transparency.”

The Fuchsbriefe publishing house has been publishing an asset manager ranking since 2001. A total of 316 banks and independent private banks in Germany and German-speaking countries have now been tested.
Today, the Institut für Qualitätssicherung und Prüfung von Finanzdienstleistungen GmbH (Institute for Quality Assurance and the Testing of Financial Services, IQF) is one of the leading institutions on issues of consultancy for high-net-worth clients in German-speaking countries.

QUANVEST specialises in information on transparency, performance, liquidity and risks of investments, markets and complex portfolios, and helps asset managers to develop effective investment control through products and consultancy.