Customer complaints process

In Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken S.A. (SEB) we view customer complaints as an opportunity to continuously improve the quality of the services provided as well as our organization and internal processes. We aim to satisfy our customers and resolve complaints amicable out-of-court.

Management of complaints

In order to ensure a consistent and customer oriented approach to handling complaints, we have set an internal organisation in place with clear procedures and responsibilities for customer complaints. We endeavor to treat customer complaints fairly and diligently and in full compliance with the CSSF requirements.

How to file a complaint

If you are not satisfied with any information or service provided by SEB, please contact directly your dedicated Private Banker or Relationship Manager.

If you are not satisfied with a response you received from your Private Banker or Relationship Manager, you can send your complaint to the attention of SEB’s Managing Director by telephone, e-mail or post using the following contact details:

Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken S.A.
Managing Director
P.O. Box 487
L-2014 Luxembourg
Tel.: +352 26 23 23 52

Information and documents to be provided to SEB

Any complaint addressed to SEB must clearly indicate and include the following:

  • Customer name
  • Name of representative, if any
  • Address/phone number/e-mail address
  • Detailed description of the facts underlying the complaint
  • Any document(s) supporting the complaint

The more information you provide us with regarding when and with whom you have been in contact at SEB as well as the outcome of such contacts, the more rapidly and efficiently will we be able to handle your complaint.

Our engagement

We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within ten (10) business days after the receipt of the complaint, unless the answer itself has been provided to you within this period.

We will gather and investigate all relevant evidence and information on your complaint and will provide an answer to you in writing without undue delay and in any case, within one (1) month from the date of receipt of the complaint. If an answer cannot be provided within this period, we will inform you in writing of the cause(s) of the delay and will indicate the date when we expect to be able to respond.

Contact the regulator – the CSSF

If you are not satisfied with the answer or resolution provided by SEB, you have the possibility to file a request for an out-of-court complaint resolution procedure with the CSSF (in accordance with the CSSF Regulation N°16-07 relating to the out-of-court complaint resolution) to the following address:

Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier
Département Juridique CC
283, Route d’Arlon
L-2991 Luxembourg
Fax : +352 26 25 1  26 01

More details concerning the out-of-court complaint resolution procedure are available on the CSSF website: