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Investment Outlook: Global growth and low inflation promising for equities

Equities have the highest expected returns. Next come corporate bonds and alternative investments. At the bottom are government bonds. This reflects a world that is expected to deliver successively stronger economic growth and a continued low underlying inflation rate, according to the June 2015 issue of SEB's Investment Outlook.

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Nordic Outlook: Central bank-driven recovery with risks

The world economy is now being driven almost entirely by the actions of central banks, and there are risks with this strategy, write SEB's economists in a new Nordic Outlook.

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At SEB “the customer is king”

Private Banking at SEB in Luxembourg has shown once again that the high standard of the advice it offers is a leading quality: SEB is among the 16 banks and asset managers who were “thoroughly recommended” in this year’s market test conducted by the publishing house FUCHSBRIEFE Institute and Dr. Richter, IQF.