Discretionary Products

With our discretionary products you can choose from a range of investment strategies with different asset allocations and risk-return profiles. The constant professional supervision and active management aims at optimizing your return given your level of risk.

We offer a range from actively managed funds to individual tailor-made portfolios adjusted to your specific needs.

SEB Modern Funds SIF

The SEB Modern Funds are specialized investment funds especially created for Private Banking. The funds can invest in seven different asset classes with the aim of achieving returns in different phases of the cycle and at the same time balancing the risk in the portfolio. The SEB Modern Funds are available in three different risk levels, minimum investment is EUR 125 000 and the funds are traded on a monthly basis.

SEB Multi Asset Funds

The SEB Multi Asset funds are managed according to a similar philosophy to the SEB Modern Funds SIF. The capital of the funds is exposed mainly via funds to a variety of asset classes expected to add value over time while diversifying the risks. The funds are traded on a daily basis.

SEB Discretionary Strategies Portfolio

If you have at least EUR 500 000 to invest, we can offer you an individual portfolio based on one of three different risk levels. An individual portfolio consists of a number of underlying financial instruments such as bonds, funds, ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds), certificates and structured products. There are many possibilities for combining different types of investments to create a structure that matches your investment horizon and risk appetite.

SEB Tailor-made Discretionary Portfolio

If you have more than EUR 2 million to invest, we can also offer you a tailor-made discretionary portfolio. Together with you we will decide how to combine different investment strategies in order to create the best suitable solution corresponding to your investment profile.

If you would like more information on the broad range of possibilities available kindly contact us.