Discretionary Management

You want freedom from the intense management that a substantial investment portfolio necessitates. You prefer to delegate the day-to-day management of your investments to financial experts. If that is the case our discretionary service is suitable for you.

Discretionary Management is a service offered by SEB Private Banking for investors who require expert management of their assets and want to entrust us with their investment decisions. A discretionary agreement means that the bank has the power of attorney to continuously invest on your behalf according to your guidelines.

How it works

You are assigned a private banker whose primary responsibility is your investments. Together you develop a suitable risk and investment strategy. The private banker is knowledgeable and has access to the entire Group’s and external specialists' resources regarding investments, legal matters, inheritance planning, insurance and financing solutions.

Our experienced team of portfolio managers manages our discretionary investment portfolios. In addition to their own research they work together with analysts from the SEB Group as well as a number of international analyst firms.

The service includes:

  • Your own private banker
  • Access to expertise within legal matters, insurance solutions and inheritance planning
  • Yearly review of your portfolio with your private banker
  • High availability and service level