Advisory Management

You would like to be directly involved in the ongoing decision-making process regarding your investment portfolio. Then our advisory service is the right choice for you. Working with a private banker, you will receive professional service thorough advice backed by solid research and investment recommendations based on your specific needs.

Advisory Management is SEB Private Banking’s service designed for investors who want to actively monitor and influence their portfolio structure, require expert financial advice that focuses on investments and demand a high level of service.

How it works

You work together with your private banker who is responsible for providing the tools and services necessary for your investment strategy. In order to meet your investment goals your adviser has access to the Group’s and external specialists' expertise within asset management, legal, insurance and financing solutions, and inheritance planning. Together with your advisor you tailor your portfolio to determine your investment angle and risk preference. Your private banker will provide you with appropriate recommendations regarding your finances, suggestions for investing and other financial measures. Naturally you can always contact your adviser for investment advice or other financial services.

The service includes:

  • High availability and service level
  • A pesonal adviser with specialist expertise in equities, options and wealth management
  • Access to expertise within legal, inheritance planning and insurance solutions
  • Continuous and concrete investment advice according to your needs