Internet Service

Our Internet banking service provides you with a total overview of your assets and liabilities. It also gives you the possibility to make international payments and transactions in several different currencies as well as to buy and sell securities on various international markets. You can reach it from any device, be it your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

What you can do via the Internet service:

  • You get a total overview and detailed insight into your accounts, transactions, currency positions and portfolio.
  • You can place your orders and make your payments.
  • You get access to publications and analyses from SEB.
  • You can review and download statements, confirmations and other documents at your convenience.
  • You can upload written and signed payment instructions in a safe way.
  • You can search among all your transactions and positions, and make Excel exports for further analysis.
  • You can communicate directly with your contact persons and send and receive files in a safe way through the secure messaging function.


Highest security

We always aim at having the best possible security. Therefore we offer you the Digipass for identification and as the key to our Internet services. This device allows you to access your personal accounts wherever you are.

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Download our app

You can download our app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play.
The app adapts to whether you run it on a phone or a tablet, and to get the best mobile experience of our Internet banking service we recommend to use it on a tablet.

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